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The Woolsey Companies, Inc. with, headquarters in Wichita, Kansas, are privately held oil and natural gas exploration and production companies that have been in existence since 1970 with operations in the Mid-Continent and Illinois Basin. The Woolsey Companies, Inc. is the parent company that owns 100% of the following companies:

Woolsey Operating Company, LLC, (WOC)

WOC currently operates approximately 350 wells in Kansas and manages the Companies’ interest in an additional 100 plus non-operated wells in the Mid-Continent. Our Mid-Continent field operations are managed in the Medicine Lodge, Kansas office. WOC is the operating company for both the Mid-Continent and Illinois Basin Districts.


Woolsey Energy Corporation (WEC)

WEC covering the Mid-Continent District (Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas), has primarily focused on the Mississippian subcrop belt in south-central Kansas.  Through both vertical and horizontal wells using high rate, multiple stage hydraulic fracturing treatments with low proppant content we have effectively accessed commercial oil and natural gas trapped in low permeability, “Tight Rock” and “Source Rock” type reservoirs.  We are a firm believer in thoroughly evaluating the reservoir rock by using the latest technology in drilling, logging, coring, geochemical, seismic and stratigraphic analysis.  WEC has a proven track record of consistently increasing reserves economically through the drillbit.

Woolsey Energy II, LLC, (WEII)

WEII encompasses the Illinois Basin District (Illinois, Indiana and Kentucky) has acquired leasehold, conducted 3D seismic surveys and drilled exploratory vertical and horizontal evaluation wells in its Illinois Basin District with a focus of exploring potential New Albany Shale source rock resource play with secondary targets in the Mississippian Carbonate, Devonian Sandstones and Carbonates and Ordovician Carbonates.  Our past activity includes the following:

  • Leased approximately 180,000 net acres in Illinois and 73,000 net acres in Indiana.
  • Acquired 1,400 miles of 2-D seismic and shot over 150 square miles of 3-D seismic.
  • Drilled eight vertical wells in Illinois and two vertical wells in Indiana to evaluate the New Albany Shale.
  • Drilled and completed a horizontal New Albany Shale well in Indiana.