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Company History

I. Wayne Woolsey employed in 1958 by The Texas Company (Texaco Inc.) as an exploration geologist.  During ten years with Texaco, he conducted oil and natural gas exploration covering nineteen Northeastern states, the East coast and eight states in the Mid-Continent and Southern regions.

Woolsey as an independent in Wichita, Kansas conducted exploration and development drilling activity in the Mid–Continent and Southeastern regions through joint ventures and public drilling programs.  The joint ventures included Woolsey-Eason JV, Woolsey-Brown JV and Woolsey Brown Company.

Woolsey Petroleum Corporation (WPC) was formed and through joint venture with Rupertsland of Calgary, Canada and Remuda of Billings, Montana expanded the Wichita office and opened an office in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

WPC acquired producing properties primarily located in Kansas from Marathon, New Jersey Resources, Graves Drilling and Rupe Oil Company.  Formed a joint venture with Southwest Gas Supply (MCNIC), subsidiary of Michigan Wisconsin Utility.  Founded American Pipeline Company (APC) and acquired 400 miles of natural gas gathering pipeline from Market Center, a processing plant from TXO and installed it in Medicine Lodge, Kansas.  Joint venture with Vastar (spinoff from Atlantic Richfield) who acquired 65% of APC and became 65% working interest owner in drilling ventures.  Vastar was acquired by British Petroleum (BP) who became owner with WOC in the plant, pipeline and producing wells. The properties continued to be developed.

Changed WPC name to Woolsey Energy Corporation (WEC).  WEC and APC acquired BP’s interest in producing properties, pipeline and plant.  WEC continued to grow in lease acquisitions and drilling in Kansas.  Introduced large slick water fracture treatments to low permeable Mississippian rocks with favorable results.

Continued aggressive activity in South Central Kansas including drilling of horizontal wells.  Sold 200,000 leased acres to Shell Gulf of Mexico, Inc. a subsidiary of Royal Dutch Shell plc.  Retained producing wells and 80,000 leased acres for further development in Kansas.  Formed Woolsey Energy II, LLC (WEII) to initiate an aggressive play in the Illinois Basin.  By the end of 2014 WEII had become the most active company and had the largest lease position in a new potential resource play.