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Drilling & Production

Woolsey Energy has considerable drilling experience in the Mid-continent area of the U.S. Historically, this has been primarily done with vertical wells targeting conventional reservoirs but as opportunities in tight rock and unconventional resource plays have become technically achievable, Woolsey Energy has been one of the companies at the forefront.

In the early 2000’s Woolsey Energy was one of the first to apply large volume, high rate slick water fracture stimulations to the low permeability (“tight rock”) Mississippi in South Central Kansas. Our technique quickly became locally known as the “Woolsey Frac” and was responsible for the drilling of hundreds of new wells in the Mississippi “Lime” trend yielding millions of barrels of oil equivalent.

As horizontal technology evolved, Woolsey was one of the first in the area to apply it to the Mississippian with our first horizontal well being drilled in 2001. Since then Woolsey Energy has been an operator and non-operator in numerous horizontal wells completed using perforated cemented liner and sliding sleeve technology with up to 20 individual frac stages. The Company has used a variety of artificial lift methods from conventional rod pumps to Electric Submersible Pumps, Progressing Cavity Pumps and Gas Lift to optimize production.

Woolsey Energy operates a number of salt water disposal wells and a large network of gathering facilities with SCADA remote access technology. Today the Company operates approximately 350 wells.