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Exploration & Development

Mid-Continent District

Through detailed and regional studies from the outcrop and subsurface covering four states Woolsey redefined the Mississippian.


Illinois Basin District

The Woolsey Companies is the recognized pioneer in the exploration of the New Albany Shale.



Woolsey has drilled and participated in 925 wells during its 44 year history, resulting in very favorable growth. Our success rate and low finding costs are the result of our experience and knowledge of the reservoirs and use of the latest technology. Through both vertical and horizontal drilled wells using high rate, multiple stage hydraulic fracturing treatments with low proppant content (slick water fracks) we have effectively accessed commercial oil and natural gas trapped in low permeability, tight rock deposits. We have established commercial production in both conventional and unconventional zones that had never before produced in Kansas. During Woolsey’s history, hydraulic fracturing has been applied to both vertical and horizontal wells without adverse effect to the land or fresh water resources. We have made a major commitment to better understand the existing reservoirs, as well as high-grade exploratory testing in new field discovery attempts.

Through applying the latest in seismic technologies from data acquisition through processing and interpretation we are achieving high resolution structural imaging, and increasing accuracy related to reservoir stratigraphy. We are a firm believer in thoroughly evaluating the reservoir rock using core data, geochemical evaluation and detailed stratigraphic analysis.