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Illinois Basin District

In the continuance of deploying our expertise in tight, low permeability Mississippian carbonate reservoirs and the recognition of potential source rock plays, Woolsey Energy II, LLC had accumulated leases in several counties in Illinois and Indiana. We are continuing to evaluate the potential in the Illinois Basin.

In our initial focus we drilled ten vertical wells on strategically defined acreage blocks, conducted detailed evaluation from the surface to the lowest stratigraphic interval using all available tools including regional studies, 2D and 3D seismic, well sample evaluation, gas detectors, drillstem test, cores, full suites of electric logs, oil and natural gas analysis, and varied completions as dictated by the data.

Development strategy will be through both vertical and horizontal wells, for both conventional and unconventional “Tight Rock” and “Source Rock” reservoirs.

We also drilled and completed a horizontal New Albany Shale well in the Basin and completed over 150 square miles of 3D seismic. Based on our vision and mission in the Illinois Basin our studies indicate several reservoir targets hold potential for commercial production of oil and natural gas.