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I. Wayne Woolsey – Chairman of the Board of Directors and Owner of Woolsey Companies, Inc.

Mr. Woolsey received a B.S. degree in Business Administration from the University of North Texas in 1951 and a M.S. degree in Geology from the University of Texas A&M in 1958.  After graduation from Texas A&M, he was employed by Texaco Inc. and during his ten years at Texaco, he conducted oil and natural gas exploration in the Mid-Continent (Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado and Nebraska).  This tenure included being responsible for drilling 25,000 foot Ellenberger wells and keeping forty drilling rigs turning to the right.  He was also in charge of exploration covering nineteen Northeastern States and the East Coast, where group seismic was conducted off the East Coast shore.  During the last forty-four years through privately held Woolsey Companies the primary focus has been the Mississippian tight carbonate in Kansas and the New Albany source rock in the Illinois Basin.  Mr. Woolsey is in two oil and gas Halls of Fame, a 2011 inductee to the Kansas Oil & Gas Museum Foundation and a 2015 inductee to the Kansas Oil Museum.


Scott Fraizer – President/Treasurer

Mr. Fraizer received a BS degree in Business Administration and Accounting from the University of Kansas in 1970 and is a Certified Public Accountant.  He was in audit with Peat Marwick Mitchell & Co for Oil and Gas companies as well as other industries. Scott has worked for the Woolsey Companies for twenty years beginning with his first stint from 1980 through 1985. From 1985 until he rejoined Woolsey he was site controller for two Fortune 500 manufacturing companies and has also worked with companies in refined petroleum products trading, rent-to-own, investment banking and floor covering. He has been in his current positon with Woolsey since 2005.


Dean L. Pattisson – Vice President Exploration and Production

Mr. Pattisson graduated with a degree in Geology from the University of Colorado in 1981.  After graduation he worked for a small independent Kansas producer for several years as a prospect geologist before starting his own consulting company.  As a consultant, he conducted well-site geological supervision and prospect geology for 7 years overseeing the drilling of multiple successful prospects and over 50 wells.  In 1988 he joined Bison Energy Corporation as their V. P. of Exploration where he was in charge of their exploration and drilling program.  After ten years of continuous growth the company was sold to a publicly traded Oil and Gas Company which was eventually formed into 3Tec Energy.  At that time Dean left to work for Anderson Energy Corporation as their operations manager.  In 2002 Dean joined Woolsey Operating Company, LLC. where he held the position of Operations Manager and currently is their Exploration and Production Manager.  At Woolsey, he is responsible for planning and coordinating both exploration and development drilling programs along with operational workovers and re-completions.


Mark L. Sooter – Vice President Business Development

Mr. Sooter is a 38 year veteran in the oil and gas industry.  His career has primarily been in the acquisition, divestiture and business development management positions for privately and closely held corporations.  Sooter also has been intimately involved in day to day management and supervision of accounting and land departments within those companies.  In his business career he has served on numerous civic, community and industry board of directors.  He has been with the Woolsey Companies since 2011 and was previously Vice President for Chas A. Neal & Company from 1982 to 1999 and Vice President of Acquisitions for Oil Producers, Inc. of Kansas from 2001 to 2010.  Sooter earned his BS degree in Mathematics from the University of Oklahoma.


Marc Summervill: Mid-Continent Exploration Manager

Mr. Summervill has been with Woolsey Operating since 1992 and is currently their Mid-Continent Exploration Manager. During his time with the Company he has gained extensive experience in the Petroleum Geology of the Anadarko Basin and Shelf areas of Kansas and Oklahoma as well as other petroleum provinces. Working in both the geological and geophysical realm of petroleum exploration Mr. Summervill has expertise in many industry-specific software programs which he has used to build integrated geological-geophysical exploration and development models. From this modeling a number of successful drilling programs have been created. Mr. Summervill earned his BS degree from Kansas State University in 1984 and is a member of AAPG, Kansas Geological Society and the Kansas Geological Foundation where he served as a Board Member from 2016-2019.


Brian W. Wilhite – Illinois Basin Exploration Manager

Mr. Wilhite joined Woolsey Operating Company, LLC in 2000 where he has since gained 20 years of industry experience.  Starting in prospect generation, Wilhite’s role quickly evolved to research of reservoir objectives, by “applying science through the drill bit” in exploration.  His work has involved core studies, outcrop to subsurface reservoir modeling, regional investigations and basin analysis.  He has been directly involved in the evaluation of new ventures and opportunities in the interior U.S. and was instrumental in Woolsey’s strategic entry into the Illinois Basin.  Wilhite’s professional expertise is in the petroleum geology of conventional and unconventional reservoirs of the Mid-Continent and the Illinois Basin; namely, the Lower to Middle Mississippian System and Upper Devonian Shales (Woodford, Bakken & New Albany Shale).  He holds degrees from Kansas State University (B.S., Geology, 1996) and Wichita State University (M.S., Geology, 2001), is a member of a number industry related organizations and, through his research, has authored and co-authored numerous publications, talks and field trips.