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With more than 25 MMBO in-place the New Albany Shale of the Illinois Basin has energy to burnWhat sets Woolsey Energy apart from many similar sized exploration companies is our dedication to the science, research and technology that goes into the exploration for hydrocarbons. For 40 plus years Woolsey has been forward thinking in applying cutting edge technology to exploration and production through selective coring, seismic and varied completions, respectively. Adding to this pedigree, in the past 17 years, the company has dedicated a team of geoscientists with the knowledge and experience to further expand in these efforts.

Through the use of extensive coring (both in quantity and longer lengths of intervals cored), outcrop to subsurface depositional systems modeling and basin-wide studies, Woolsey Energy has greatly improved production in the Mississippian of the Mid-Continent, established undiscovered reserves, and has pushed the envelope for exploration in frontier areas such as the Illinois Basin.

It is our goal to understand the petroleum systems from a basin-wide perspective in order to identify play concepts, reservoir objectives and individual prospects. Using only safety conscious, quality companies for data collection, our work often involves cooperation with world renowned laboratories and leading-edge consultants.

We have intensely studied the Mississippian, Woodford, Simpson Sandstone, and Pennsylvanian System, including “source-to-sink” investigations of produced oils to source rock, of the Mid-Continent; the Bakken, of the Williston Basin; and the Mississippian, and New Albany Shale of the Illinois Basin.  In addition to our R&D efforts we have contributed to our industry in technology transfer by sharing the results of many of our internal investigations in the form of industry publications.